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Weight Control in principle
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In these days obesity is one of the biggest health concerns in America. The problem is really serious when more than half of the American population is overweight. It means that ABNORMAL became NORMAL, or ABNORMAL replaced NORMAL. Think about that! If there are more traffic signal violators than the traffic signal abider, then the traffic signal abider will get regarded and treated as wrong by the majority! What if they are retorting to you that ‘How come you keep the speed limit in the freeway? You are making trouble.’! This is a really serious situation.
There are tons of treatments out there with no visible successful solution yet. Now is the time to think about the obesity in different ways from different point of views.
The US medicine, politics, pharmaceutical industry and food industry have tried to curb the obesity trend for decades, but the trend has only gone stronger year by year. They found the cause in fat, naturally, and focused to get rid of fats everywhere. They failed. Then they found the cause in carbonate, next. Still they do not get the seeable result and it is sadly destined to follow the destiny of theory of fat. I am sure that decades later, the US medicine will blame protein as the cause of obesity after failing by addressing fat and carbonate. Let’s see. What remains in the food if you take away fat, carbonate, and protein? You just eat food void of nutrition, then you can lose weight?? Oh, dear. Then how can our body build up, sustain and cope with diseases? Where is the health gone, as you have been looking for good food? Hey, Mr. Medicine, what you talking about? What are you wandering about?
One report or the other, one result or the other, those are not much a matter. We need to see a true big picture.
Now I, as an Eastern Medical Doctor or a philosophical medical practitioner, profess that there is no sin in[JY1]  the Fat, nor in the Carbonate[JY2] . Mother Nature put out every creature on earth as beautifully. Mother Nature did not put anything which is of no use. If fat, rats, and germs are harmful to the environment, they might not have been born on earth. Without rats, without germs, the world of bio eco system will not work. Without fat, the architecture of nutrition will not be complete. We need it. Do not try to justify the ironical necessity of fat by finding good and bad fat. However more and more classified scientists delve into, still they will need to find a theory that the bad in the sub category is still necessary.
There have been few gales of such like crazy belief in medicine for the last decades.
“Germ is terrible.”
“Fat is bad.”
“Vitamin C is always good and very, very important.”
Now the fads of gale have moved from Fat to Carbonate, from Vitamin C to Vitamin D. Nothing is wrong with fat or vitamin C, but only scientific interest moves from one fact to the other.
Let’s begin with Fat. Many people believe that the milk is complete food. And in US, most people nowadays naturally drink 2%, 1% or skimmed milk rather than whole milk. If milk is complete food, it is complete except the fact that it contains fat? Cow milk is the food for the calf. Then Mother Nature put BAD fat into cow milk to feed calf? Do you think so? Only human being interprets Nature for their own arbitration.
If cow milk is good for the calf, and cow milk is complete food, it is as perfect as the Nature generated onto earth. Cow did not get obese or unhealthy because of the fat content in its milk. Fat in its milk contributes to build and maintain brain and tissue of the calf. For the human being the fat is also needed. Even if we get rid of fat from milk, we compensatingly intake fat from cream, butter, and oils from elsewhere. The body wants fat as well as carbonate and protein. If so, and still we continue to drink 2% milk, then our body require more and more milk to get the proper amount of fat from the milk. Then it results in intaking too much of milk protein just to reach proper fat amount, destroying bodily balance.
If ever fat in the milk is too much in proportion for the human being to consume, then just reduce the intake amount of whole milk. You can provide yourself more protein with beans or other various sources if needed. That is more diverse and healthier ways of diet than resorting solely on the milk for the protein.
Don’t take off nutrition or add nutrition on the food material item. A food item of a creature is complete as a whole. We should not judge them that each creature would be better if it did not have some content or if it had some content in its ingredients. The harmony of a cuisine is a different matter. We can make a cuisine as beautiful and useful by mixing and balancing those food material items for the wholeness purpose.
For decades US medicine has trimmed off fat from the food items intentionally TO NOT GET FAT. But only they’ve gotten fatter. US medicine disregarded Nature’s golden rule and tried to adjust it arbitrarily. Then our body has gotten sick to yearn for lost fat in the food item. More and more fat gets inroads into the body by sneaky ways other than the way of fat in the whole milk, for example. Once the balance is broken in our body the fat cannot be controlled and the body does not know how they effectively use the fat. Broken balance in body organs results in poor metabolism and the body gets swollen, such like bodily congestion from poor physical workmanship. The pathological swelling turns into obesity in the long term. That’s what happened, exactly the opposite result that the US medicine aimed at.
Secondly, the vitamin C belief. There is no sin on vitamin C either. However, vitamin C is not such a one awesome CURE ALL either, as the fat is not the awful culprit in nutrition. In one day there has even belief that vitamin C cannot be overstressed and cannot be overtaken. It sounded the more vitamin C is the better for the body.
But there is no such a way that the more is the better anytime. Not only our body but also the whole universe likes balance. Excessive, then decreasing. Deficient, then increasing. That is the law of nature.
Nowadays the new scientific research found that too much vitamin C might cause some problems, confuting the previous long belief. Besides such a report by research, I can say some tips on vitamin C regarding obesity. In EM classics there is a word, “sourness contract and spiciness emits”. “Sourness contracts and inclined to accumulate and spiciness emits and inclined to consume away.” We can easily experience that our bodies shrink when we eat very sour tangerines and that our body get sweating when we eat very hot and spicy red pepper. So if we drink too much orange juice, our body may have a tendency of contracting and have more energy of accumulating. That energy built up for a long time in our body determines more than the simple nutrition we take. The energy of contracting and accumulating works more importantly than just a simple amount of nutritional intakes. So even if we eat the same amount of fat content in the food, those people with accumulating physical constitution tends to get more obese than the people with neutral physical constitution.
Fruits are good. But nothing is superior to the other. In U.S. orange has climbed to the top throne of the fruits, suspiciously by the efforts the agricultural industry as milk by the dairy industry, and as cereal by the crop industry. We need a golden balance. However orange is good, it cannot be MORE good than the output of the Mother Nature. Humans are making it much MORE good and important arbitrarily.
I can provide more causes for this epidemic obesity in U.S. But those two big facts will be enough for now. “Fat is horrible.” and “Vitamin C is awesome.” Those two blind beliefs have been destroying public’s health, as it has been supported by such “scientific” medicine. However it fails nobody wants to see the truth, just because it has been established and executed by the KNOWLEGEABLE professionals. We have succumbed to the authority of knowledge too much. No courage to see the truth left in 21 century civilization, and now is time to get awake altogether.
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Weight Control in our clinic
I recommend weight control patients to have meals composed of whole food materials and balanced diet (Not to go extreme).
Whole grain. Whole milk. More beans than the meat. If eating meat, try to eat more diverse part of the animal from head to tail to get close to consuming the whole animal creature.
And having good breakfast is very important point. Our body is bio-clocked to the movement of the Sun. Sunrise and the bodily mechanics is going to work, and sunset bodily mechanics is going to rest. EM calls from 00:00 to 12:00 noon, the time of Yang. From 12:01 to 23:59 midnight, the time of Yin. In time of Yang our body is expected to eat and work, in time of Yin our body is expected to rest and refresh. So if we continuously take in foods in the time of Yin, it does not work efficiently as the nature’s plan. If we have three meals a day, it is better to have good breakfast and lunch and to have poor supper. Big supper and no breakfast is the worst way for the body to follow since it is the most against the natural rhythm of the body.
In time of Yang, bodily energy is going to go outward and consuming. In time of Yin, bodily energy is going to go inward and accumulating. It’s like some animal in summer in active, and they are dormant in winter season. The food intake in the time of Yin cannot be burned out as the food intake in the time of Yang. So the bodily energy affects the food to be accumulated more and longer for the supper meal. Anybody can experience that eating ramen at night makes a person swollen next morning. If those habits continue, the person’s body loses normal efficiency of the metabolism.
There is an old saying in Europe, “Have a breakfast you alone, share lunch with your friend, and give supper to your enemy.”
The two above are the main principles of space and time on weight control. Other than that, our clinic offers some easier assistance for the patients to follow. Customized diet plan to follow for 2 to 4 weeks every day, which will guide patients to the goal of changing their bodily habits. It may include some short periods of fasting. It is not meant to attain weight control by starving. Reducing calories by starving is not our way of weight control treatment. It cannot succeed because soon after fasting you will take more calories back. The purpose of fasting is to reset cells in your body. It’s a process of erasing bad memories of your cell. Our cells forgot all the nature’s plan and rule, due to too much informational education, industrial brain wash, social customs, and commercial seductions. We are all well programmed by society and our cells are all influenced already. Original sin is nothing but this imbued programming. We lost innate sense of true health from our cells. If we can erase too much bad memories in our cells, the cells will find best way to restore health and according weight on its own.
Losing weight should not be a blind goal as a social trend. Finding nature’s plan on your body, so acquiring health, thus leading proper weight should be the goal. Please God (the Power of Nature Energy, not human imagination) lead us to the new world of health.