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Auto Accident Injury clinic
Auto accidents leave many traces on a human being, physically and mentally. Many people suffer emotional instabilities from trauma like fear for driving, insomnia, and nervousness.
On the physical side we need to consider two aspects of superficial damage and internal organ damage.
When you are in an automobile accident, there are usually several kinds of injuries involved. Primary injury comes from direct impact against a hard surface.  Secondary injury is caused when inertia causes your body to be injured by internal forces when thrown against something during the accident, or just from the impact itself.  Whiplash and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) are examples of a secondary injury. 
Unlike the sports injury or simple sprain, car injury not only produces external injury but almost accompanies traumatic effect inside, more or less. That’s why car injury requires more attention into internal organs than any other external injuries. That’s why it should be considered more seriously rather than they are looked lightly of. While the auto injuries are often manifested as local pains in the head, neck, shoulder, back or joints, the internal organs are also affected or damaged as the root or cause of troublesome auto injury pain. Many of the auto injuries are believed to break the harmony of our Qi and are known to affect or damage internal organs and those internal organ problems are not necessarily detected by modern tests such as blood test, X-ray, or MRI. And many of deep tissue injuries are not developed into pain until days or weeks after the accident. Without treating those internal causes, the pain cannot be removed completely and may come back again in various routes in many cases.
Acupuncture treatment is a whole body treatment; treating internal organs as well as external injuries. Whole body treatment is the key to restore the integrity of your system. And that is the best way to treat auto injuries in the sense of holistic medicine.
When an injury occurs, not only is tissue damaged, but also the injured area loses its integration with the rest of the body. Whole body treatment helps restore the integrity of your system. 
In our health care system in the US, often only the most apparent are addressed, and are usually treated as a local condition, or generically treated as “Local Pain”, with strong pain medications that have significant side effects. Holistic treatment of the whole body can identify and address both external and internal damages that may have been overlooked, but need to be addressed more sincerely.
In first phase, Eastern Medicine treats auto accident patients to get relaxed or eased from the shock of the accident. In second phase, EM focuses more on muscle, tendon and joint problems as with massage, chiropractic and western medicine. In third phase, EM helps patient not only recover from the injury but also regain energy and reinvigorate to achieve an even better health condition than before the accident. It is a process of positive healing which goes beyond just restoring the body as it used to be.
Symptoms of Auto Injuries may include below.
*Headache ~~ Headache, whiplash and back sprain often result from rear end collisions. *Neck, shoulder pain and stiffness ~~ Neck sprain or neck strain is the most common injury caused by auto accident shock. As the injury is to the soft tissue of the neck, it is also referred to as whiplash.
*Back or low back pain ~~ Patients may feel uneasiness in sitting and lying for a while. Driving for some time can be very difficult.
*Pain or numbness in the extremities ~~Initial feeling of minor or no symptom is often followed by a tired sensation in the involved muscles which subsequently gives rise to spasms and pain.
*Irritability, depression, poor sleep, fatigue, ringing in the ears, blurred vision
*Back pain, lower back pain ~ Lower back pain could result from injury, prolonged wrong posture, tiredness, or even problem in internal organs.
*HIVD (Herniated Intervertebral Disc)
*Muscle pain from over use or viral diseases.
*Degenerative joint pain ~ Degenerative joint pain occurs mainly from aging process. But effective control over the joint and good nutrition could prevent aging joints from pain.
*Arthritis, Rheumatoid
Stroke clinic
*Cerebral Vascular Attack ~ Cerebral infarction, Cerebral hemorrhage, Transient Ischemic Attack.
Numbness, Palsy
*Numbness usually occurs in the extremities. Chronic numbness can connote the problem of internal organs. Acute numbness can indicate poor blood circulation.
*Abnormal sensation of the skin is also a common problem which may have various reasons from organ problem to skin disease.
*Bell’s palsy is a paralysis or weakness of one side of facial muscles.
Weight Control clinic
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Allergy clinic
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Sports injury clinic
*Bruise, contuse
*Joint, muscle, or ligament sprain
Headache / Dizziness
*Headache can be a headache for the medical science. Its origins are so various that even the specialists have difficulty in determining the cause exactly. So the way of holistic approach of Eastern Medicine could be more wise means and prevention for the headache.
*Dizziness is caused by lack of nutritive blood or by excess of turbid blood.
Sensory organs
*Eye disorders, such as uncomplicated cataracts and inflammation of conjunctiva
*Ear, nose and throat: toothaches, pain after dental extractions, earaches, sinus infections, nasal inflammations
Respiratory disorders
*Allergy is widely pandemic in developed countries. It is believed to be the byproduct of human civilization. Only natural sources can return human bodies close to the natural condition.
*Cold & flu, asthma, bronchitis
*Asthma can be regulated best by strengthening the pulmonary system with natural sources.
*Rhinitis mostly means that his/her head is congested with unnecessary heat and phlegm. Cleaning those pathogens is the main goal of Eastern Medicine treatment.
Circulatory disorders
*Hypertension, high, arteriosclerosis, pectoris
*Chest pain is one of the critical symptoms we should pay much attention to. It is categorized into nine kinds of chest pain, and matches each treatment accordingly.
Insomina, Stress, Depression, Fatigue
*Insomnia may originate from physical problems or mental problems. For both cases Eastern Medicine have some effective treatments using acupuncture, moxibustion and herbs.
*Stress control can be better achieved with Qi flow improvement or harmonizing organs.
*General or chronic fatigue can lead to lethargy, depression or even thoughts of suicide. Most cases will have no specific reason for that fatigue. Herb formulas may boost energy and help recover from chronic fatigue. Sometimes red ginseng alone can be prescribed to treat it.
Gastrointestinal disorders
*Digestive tract problems, hiccups, stomach or colon inflammations, duodenal ulcers, *Indigestion, Stomach bloating, Heartburn
*Diarrhea, Constipation
Urogenital disorders
*Unfulfilled discharge
Gynecological disorders
*Menstrual problem ~ PMS, menstrual irregularity,
*Infertility is mainly correlated to the menstruation unless she has definite malformation of uterus. Warming uterus and circulating blood is the first goal for the treatment of infertility.
*Menopausal symptom ~~ Eastern Medicine provides very effective and safe alternative to the hormone therapy which has great risk of developing cancer.