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Allergy and Eastern Medicne
Food Allergy
- EM which treats the root cause of allergy as well as symptom of allergy
Our body has intrinsic power, which is known as the immune system, to maintain its health in peace time and recover from problems naturally in war time. Level of immunity is based on healthy organs and the balance among organs. 
An allergy is a hypersensitive reaction of the immune system in response to the external stimulations or allergens, like pollen.
The allergy symptoms or allergy reaction includes sneezing, allergy rhinitis, runny nose, nasal congestion, sinus infections, itchy skin, rashes, watery or dry eyes, allergic asthma, usually coming as Seasonal Allergy.
Allergy reaction has its root in certain organ and triggered by the external stimulations or allergens.
Allergy symptoms are a tip of an iceberg that has submerged root in several organs. Without treating the root cause, any other allergy treatment or allergy medicine might be temporary relief of allergy symptom. For instance, to treat allergy rhinitis Eastern Medicine treats the digestive organs, liver, gallbladder or lung depending on the patient’s individual cause onto it.  The symptom appears on the nose, but one or more of above organs is believed to be the original producer of the external symptom. 
Allergy itself is not a realistic entity of disease; rather it is a condition, an uneasy condition arisen from tension and disharmony among internal organs.
Acupuncture is primarily working on the internal organs of our body; by enhancing weakened organs’ energy, and by sedating exceeded organs’ one.
Therefore, in order to heal allergies, acupuncture is an excellent way to enhance or restore the intrinsic healing power as a non-toxic and non-dependent way by treating not only known allergy symptoms but also the underlying root which fundamentally causes allergy reactions.
The biggest strength of treating the underlying root of an allergy is acupuncture treatment teaming with sister natural methods such as cupping, moxa, and natural herb. Therefore, allergies can be healed very efficiently without getting any toxicity or dependency.
A food allergy is an exaggerated immune response that is triggered by certain foods such as peanuts, milk, eggs, etc. You might have a food allergy if you develop symptoms shortly after eating a specific food. Key symptoms include hives, hoarse voice, wheezing, or skin troubles.
Well proven treatment of a food allergy is known to simply avoid the food which causes allergy. Allergy shots or probiotics have not been clearly proven.
However, many of food allergies can be treated by acupuncture and natural herbs.
Since those foods are all natural ingredients necessary in human body, allergy seems more restricting the chance of utilizing resources than avoiding harms onto human body.
In that sense, Eastern Medicine has a different point of view and approach to the food allergy problem. Eastern Medicine thinks we need to cope with food allergies a little more positively than just to stay away from it.
One of the primary missions of acupuncture and natural herbs is, mainly by balancing each organ system’s function, to enhance immune level which is a key protecting element also in the food allergy. By transforming our body close to nature, the human body system sets in harmony with natural produce in its digesting.
Our digestive system is closely related to the soil or earth. Since our modern life style is so severed from the nature, especially from earth, it could lead to poor GI immunity resulting in food allergy. Acupuncture can generate the energy of Earth Qi into the human body as the earth itself does to the human body.
 By strengthening our GI systems and inducing best co-operation from other organs, the human body can handle more foods with skills and have a better chance of utilizing a wide range of our recourses. That could be most naturally achieved by the use of acupuncture and herbs.
That, we believe, could result in the leveling up the quality of life also.
In our Eastern Medicine system, we highly put importance on the health of small intestine, regarding allergy symptoms. Traditionally, the small intestine has had concept to function as separating digested fine essence discrete from rough food material. From this point of view the small intestine is most responsible on the key to allergy treatment, especially food allergy.
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